(APHI) Affordable Pro Homes & Investments, LLC is a family owned company rooted in all aspects of real estate based on the principle of improving the community one home at a time. The APHI team works to take distressed homes and properties and make them beautiful again through renovations and remodeling.

APHI helps if you are in a distressed situation and need to sell fast! Some examples of all that is provided may include:

  • Stopping Foreclosure
  • Tax Liens or¬†Bankruptcy
  • Divorce
  • Probate/Unwanted Inheritance
  • Relocation/Job Transfer
  • Tired Landlords
  • Vacant Property
  • Selling Direct
  • or Whatever reason that you need a quick close!
APHI can make you a FREE no-obligation cash offer within 48 hours and close on YOUR preferred timeline within as little as 7 days!


Real Estate Services Provided

The APHI team are Fortune Builders Mastery members, deeply rooted in all aspects of real estate, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Property Wholesaling
  • Rehabbing/Renovating
  • Buying
  • Selling
  • Private Lending
  • Rental Properties/Investing

No matter your situation may be, APHI can help you. They buy home as-is, in any condition with no repairs needed and zero commission fees to pay!

If any of these sound like you, then selling your house to Affordable Pro Homes & Investments just may be the perfect fit for you!

  • I need to sell my house fast!
  • I want the process of selling my home to be as simple and easy as possible
  • I want to sell my house as-is
  • I want to sell my house without paying realtor fees or commissions
  • I want options when selling my home
  • I want to sell my house and get paid full in cash!


How else can APHI help you?

Many homeowners have sold their homes to APHI for various reasons. Whatever your situation may be, you will have the opportunity to speak with a local real estate expert who can provide you with options that are specifically designed for your situation. Everybody loves options, and there is no charge for this extra service if you decide to submit your information today.

APHI provides even more to go above and beyond and to help you out in all ways possible! Need assistance moving? APHI can help! Want to leave all your stuff behind? Not a problem! We will work with you – whatever the situation may be!


APHI is open and honest about what they do

You should never give away your information online if you don’t know why the website is requesting it. To be fully transparent, APHI requests your housing information so that they’re able to do their due diligence on your house, compile the proper research, and calculate an offer for you within as little as the next 48 hours. Affordable Pro Homes & Investments buys, sells, and rents homes. They are not real estate agents or brokers, therefore you will NOT have to pay a commission when they purchase your house. However, it is worth noting that they are not for everybody, but if you’re looking to sell your house quickly to a local real estate expert who can work with you directly, then it makes sense for you to request an all-cash offer today!

APHI buys houses and properties as-is, in ANY condition and in ALL price ranges!

If you need to sell your house fast and easy, and would like to get paid full in cash, then check out APHI! Although located in and primarily serving various areas of California such as:

  • Palmdale, CA
  • Lancaster, CA
  • Quartz Hill, CA
  • Rosamond, CA
  • Little Rock, CA
  • Lake LA, CA

APHI still buys and sells houses nationwide! No matter what part of the US you are located in, you can still reach out and contact Affordable Pro Homes & Investments to sell your house fast and get a free, no obligation cash offer!


Find out more about APHI and get a FREE no obligation cash offer today!